Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Project Sage Noon Meeting

We will be meeting today (Jan. 31) at noon in the Building 61 conference room. This is upstairs from Security, on the second floor. Pizza will be served so you don't have to bring lunch.

The Project Sage grant requires us to bring "scholars" (their term for you, the participants) together on a regular basis. We've scheduled these meeting every month in the past and have found it helps keep us moving forward, as a cohort (group), if we connect to answer questions, provide encouraging words, or just have lunch together.

Attendance will be taken at this noon meeting, as at all of them. Join us to get updates on professional development opportunities (conferences you can attend), your student support payment, info on the dreaded Praxis, and so on.

If you are receiving an email with this message, you are invited to join us. See you at noon!

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